Making Failures

Forging The Tools To Craft Yourself

A Manifesto For Living

I am twenty three and have not a shred of discipline.

Well, perhaps that’s too harsh, but it’s certainly not far from the truth. Like many members of this generation, and those to come, I have tremendous difficulty adhering to any one project. I’m fantastically good at generating and starting projects, yet, seldom see them through to completion. A wise coworker once lamented the ubiquity of this fact - people who start things are a dime a dozen, but people who finish things are rare. 

In every year, whether I’ve formalized it or not, I have attempted to increase my quality of life. Of course, I’ve not always succeeded, and have faltered heavily - but thankfully, I have done well enough that I can see a generally ascending line of best fit when analyzing the trend of my life. Yet, rarely do I focus it into a consummated canvas for effort.

In this re-new year, however, I am solidifying my goal. The theme for 2014 is discipline. In this year, I am making discipline an active influence and guideline for my life. I affirm that I am capable of achieving all that I set my mind to, by setting my mind to it.

The namesake of this blog is in reference to the contradictory, yet fruitful, style of learning that I am most adept at. I have learned so much by failing terribly. I do not have the naivety to believe that I will be successful in every venture I undertake - but I know that I will win prosperity on my side by beginning on the path.

As such, this blog, updated every two days, is a record of all my failures and triumphs, and all that results. In the process of creation, I control the chaos inside me, via the careful, repetitive guidance of order. 

To ease the weariness that comes from a lifetime of eating words, I instead choose to immortalize them. I cannot promise brilliance, or even quality. But I can promise growth and determination, with my sights set on the capitalized essence of Success, Prosperity, and Self-Respect.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” Goethe